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If you or someone you know has ever been involved in 4-H, please take the time to fill out the information form.

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Membership is open to anyone who:

Was a member of 4-H in Arkansas.

Was a member of 4-H in another state and now lives in Arkansas.

Wasn't a 4-H member but wants to support Arkansas 4-H by joining us (Associate Membership).

Annual Membership: Annual membership is $10 per year.
After paying for six years, membership converts to Lifetime Membership.

Lifetime Membership: A one-time $50 payment is required for immediate Lifetime Membership.
Remember! Lifetime Members are listed in our Member Directory!

To join:

Fill out a Membership Form and mail or e-mail to the address on the form.

Payment can be made by mailed check.

Lifetime Members Directory

The directory include biographical information on each life member plus a photo. It serves as a permanent record of 4-H members and 4-H associates, past and present, in the state of Arkansas.

If you are a Lifetime Member, please send in your updated information and a photo.