Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association

Supporting Arkansas 4-H since 1982


The Mission of the Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association includes:

Helping to acquaint the general public about 4-H and its purposes.

Cultivating the growth of lasting friendships among 4-H alumni members who have shared the enjoyments and benefits of the 4-H program.

Aiding and supporting existing 4-H programs and offering input into future programs.

Sponsoring college scholarships for outstanding 4-H members.

Establishing a distinguished 4-H Alumni Award.

Providing sponsorship of certain state award programs.

Providing financial support for the C. A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center and the Arkansas 4-H Foundation.

Meeting annually on the state level with other Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association members.

Forming county alumni chapters.

Becoming key resource people and speaking to groups to promote 4-H.

Preserving our rich state 4-H heritage for future generations.


In every county across Arkansas, there are hundreds of former 4-Hers. For years it had been a dream of many such people to form a state 4-H Alumni Association.

That dream became a reality in April 1982 when several interested people met to write the articles of incorporation for the Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association. In September 1982 Arkansas Secretary of State Paul Riviere signed the Articles of Incorporation, setting the Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association, Inc. into motion.

Raymond C. Cox of Fayetteville was elected to serve as the first chairman, along with other executive officers and district representatives. Throughout 1983 and 1984 the Alumni Association began to pick up steam and gather membership from across the state.

The purpose of the Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association is to allow 4-H alumni to be involved in present 4-H work in a supportive way. The alumni logo depicts a pair of cupped hands holding an outline of the state of Arkansas with the 4-H emblem in the center. The caption beneath reads "Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association, Supporting Arkansas 4-H."

The Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association can provide youth with a living example of dependable and purposeful citizenship. This special group of former 4-Hers can highlight the ideals of clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service, and better living as expressed in the 4-H Club Pledge.

The Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association has already realized several of its goals:

Two Raymond C. Cox Alumni Scholarships of $500 are awarded annually.
Innovative Programs Grants are presented annually, in cooperation with the Arkansas 4-H Foundation.
Partial sponsorship of the Arkansas Hospitality Suite at National 4-H Congress is given annually.
Awards are presented each year to honor Arkansas 4-H Alumni at the Arkansas 4-H O'Rama.