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  • Suzie Davis Puckett

    Faulkner County

    Outstanding Arkansas 4-H Alumna, 2017

    One of the most difficult questions Suzie Davis Puckett, a 4-H’er from Perry County and now a 4-H mom and leader from Faulkner County, is asked, and asked quite often is, “What is 4-H?” Her response usually starts with, “Whatever you want it to be.” Suzie and her husband, Randy, live in Conway with their two teenage daughters, Sierra and Victoria, their two horses, and two dogs.

    For Suzie, 4-H is a lifestyle that began around the age of 6 when she and her younger sister started going to 4-H meetings with their two older sisters. Unfortunately, there weren't Cloverbuds back then so she had to wait impatiently until she turned 9 and could join herself. 4-H provided so many opportunities for self awareness and growth. Like those of you who are current 4-H’ers, Suzie learned to discover and pursue her interests through project work; give presentations in front of others; gain valuable leadership skills; aid others through service projects; and make friends who related with her passion for this organization. They were the ones who could truly celebrate with her because they understood the work involved and the honor gained when she was named a Teen Star, a state O’Rama winner, and a state record book winner.

    But Suzie's favorite part of 4-H is the role she plays now as a 4-H mom and leader. She loves watching her two daughters and her other county “kids” navigate their own 4-H journeys and knowing that no matter where that journey takes them, they’ll be all the better for having gotten there through 4-H. When her older daughter Sierra was named a Teen Star and Ambassador in June, she couldn’t help but dig through the archives so she could make a side-by-side photo of the two of them as Teen Stars. It made her so proud to be able to welcome her daughter to “the club!”

    We say 4-H is for youth ages 5-19, but Suzie stands here today to say that’s really not true. 4-H was then, is now, and will always be a part of her. She says it’s with a humble and appreciative heart that she accepts the honor of being chosen as a 2017 state 4-H alumni of the year.

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