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  • Kim Smith Harrison

    White County

    Outstanding Arkansas 4-H Alumnus, 2011

    Kim was a 7 year member of the Central 4-H Club in White County (where 4-H began in Arkansas). Kim is a 3rd generation 4-H member, following in the footsteps of her grandmother who was in a sewing and canning club, and her mother who was part of a school club. During her time as a 4-H member, her main project was Foods and Nutrition. Her other projects included Clothing and Food Preservation and Safety. She was very active in all county competitive events, winning the dress revue. She was also named a county record book winner in Foods and Nutrition. At the District and State level, Kim participated in Talks and Demonstrations. Kim believes that 4-H expanded her leadership skills by having the opportunity to serve in multiple capacities as a club and county council officer.

    Kim was very involved in community service during her time as a 4-Her. Her favorite community service project was the time she spent assisting at the White county fair in the Food Preservation and Baked Goods department. She volunteered at the fair during her teenage years, and as a young adult took a break to start her family. About 20 years ago, she returned to volunteering with this annual event. She now serves as the Junior Department Superintendent and has spent the last 15 years on the White County Fair Board, serving 11 years as secretary.

    One of Kim’s most memorable experiences as a 4-H member was her trip to Citizenship Washington focus. She has always told her children and 4-H club members that going on out of state trips will be one of the most memorable parts of 4-H; because you not only get to experience something new, but you get to meet 4-Hers from other states and learn about the 4-H programs and opportunities outside of Arkansas.

    For the past 20 years, Kim has been an active leader at the county, state, and national level. As a county leader, Kim re-organized the local club she grew up in and served as the main leader for 9 years. She played a vital role in organizing the White County Adult Leader’s Association and served as president of the group for 6 years. She currently serves as a resource leader and is valued by the other leaders in her county for the advice and encouragement she provides.

    At the state level, she has been an active member of the Arkansas 4-H Leader’s Association. She has demonstrated the leadership skills she learned as a 4-H member as she has served this organization and the state of Arkansas as a board member and officer of this organization for over 15 years. In 2010-2011 she served as the organization’s president. She currently represents the volunteer leader’s association on the Arkansas 4-H Foundation Board. Kim is a lifetime member of the alumni association and actively participates in the annual Alumni day at the 4-H center.

    Kim has been involved with 4-H members at the state level by serving as an adult volunteer at many state camps, Teen Leader Conference, and State O’Rama. She has served as a judge during State 4-H Ambassador interviews, advanced journal interviews, district journals, and district and state o’rama illustrated talks.

    At the national level Kim has been an active participant at Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum in Georgia. As this conference comes to Arkansas this fall, Kim has been very active in helping with the planning and coordinating details of this event.

    Kim is a member of the county Master Gardener club and is enjoying the opportunities and activities this organization provides. She is beginning to find ways to use this group in conjunction with 4-H youth to benefit her community.

    Kim is married to her high school sweetheart, Joel Harrison, who currently serves on the White County 4-H Foundation. They have two children, Marc and Melissa. Both of their children were active 4-H members who were county and state journal winners, district and state competitive event winners, and both served as state 4-H vice president and then state 4-H president.

    Kim believes you are never too old for 4-H, you just find different ways to be involved. 4-H has a place for everyone, and is a huge part of this family’s life. Kim doesn’t think she will ever get out of 4-H.

    Alumni of the Year Nomination Process

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