Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association

Supporting Arkansas 4-H since 1982

Alumni Day

  • 10:00 am - Registration & Get Accquainted activities

  • 11:00 am - Program Begins, includes lunch

  • 4-H Memory Walk Brick Dedication

  • A complimentary, supervised nursery/playroom will be available adjacent to the meeting room with plenty of toys and fun activities.

  • As is tradition, we will hold our Silent Auction and would like your help.

    Everyone is encouraged to bring items that are unique to or indicative of your area of the state.

    Take a look in your attic and basement for those unusual treasures, as well.

  • Past Alumni Days

    Alumni Day Photos

    4 Decades of 4-H Alumni, 2022

    Reflections, 2021

    Supporting the Future with 2020 Vision, 2020
          Virtual Alumni Day

    4-H: Two for One! Skills and Fun!, 2019

    Spend a Day, Share a Lifetime, 2018

    Alumni: Back to the Future!, 2017

    Alumni: The Piece that Completes the Picture, 2016

    4-H: A Leage of Superheroes, 2015
          Superhero Photo Booth

    4-H Is Family, 2014

    We’re Just Mad About 4-H: Alumni in Wonderland, 2013

    Let's Celebrate! Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association 30th Birthday, 2012

    4-H: The Stepping Stones to Our Success, 2011

    What's Luck Got to Do With It?, 2010

    Going Green? We Always Have Been!, 2009

    Alumni Celebrate the Arkansas 4-H Centennial: A Green Tie Affair, 2008

    Where's the Alumni? The Search Begins, 2007

    The more the merrier!

  • Please help us pass this information on to anyone you know who has been a part of any 4-H program in any way.

  • Remember, those who were involved in 4-H in other states and now live in Arkansas are also invited to join us.